Privacy Policy

SIMPLYST entitled to collect information while registering the account creation CUSTOMER Facility, at CUSTOMER provide information as part of the identity verification process, at the time of the transaction, or upon receipt requested CUSTOMER digitally. SIMPLYST entitled to collect, but not limited to collecting the following matters: general information about the user, such as name, email address, office address, telephone number, and date of birth. SIMPLYST also entitled to collect information while CUSTOMERS upload or send information about products or services CUSTOMER (including objects, prices, and other data)

SIMPLYST can automatically record certain information from the system CUSTOMER by using different types of tracking technology. The information will "automatically collected" can include Internet Protocol address ("IP Address"), unique equipment or user identity (user ID), a version of the software being used, system type, date, time, and details of the transaction -transactions CUSTOMER, and the CUSTOMER account information provided by the publicly by the CUSTOMER.

SIMPLYST will not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your email address or personal information or data of subscribers to other parties (except as required by applicable law). SIMPLYST will only use the information to provide, maintain, and improve our services and to send information SIMPLYST and support SIMPLYST requests, including receipts, reminders, and messages of support and administrative messages.

SIMPLYST can use the information it collects to send to CUSTOMER, news and information about services SIMPLYST, to communicate to the CUSTOMER about products, services, promotions, and the latest information offered SIMPLYST and its designated partners.

CUSTOMER transaction record and locations can be used as non-personal information to create general statistical data about the purchase behavior of a population where CUSTOMER is within his or her part, to provide a better service. SIMPLYST can also use the information to verify the identity CUSTOMER CUSTOMER, to investigate and prevent fraud or other illegal activities, and for other purposes which will be disclosed in connection with the services to CUSTOMER SIMPLYST.

SIMPLYST may disclose information it collects where required by applicable law. As far as permitted applicable law, SIMPLYST may disclose such information at the request of law enforcement agencies or other government agencies, or if SIMPLYST feel that such disclosure may prevent the happening of a criminal act, or be petrified investigation with regard to the safety of the people, to protect the security SIMPLYST or integrity of the website, or to make SIMPLYST can take precautions for possible losses.